Madame Two Swords

Notorious Spy and Knife Fighter



Weapons/Twin Blades +5
Rapport, Contacting +4
Deceit, Athletics, Burglary +3
Empathy, Sleight of Hand, Alertness, Stealth +2
Mysteries, Resources, Resolve, Drive, Survival, +1


Through the air with the greatest of ease
Art of Seduction
I get what I want
Edward Thompson, San Francisco District Attorney
Jewel of the East
On the rails
Silver Swords of Siam
Richard Arcanus, my secret sweetie
Them’s Good Eats


Great Throwing Arm
Smooth Over
Tripwire Sensibility

Fate Points

Total, Refresh



Came from a large family of performers and entertainers in Skrachanichnya. Siblings include 3 brothers and a younger sister. Believes in werewolves because father was killed by a wolf, but was told only a werewolf was dark and powerful enough to kill her father. Because of family’s profession, was familiar with knives, dancing and acrobatics from an early age. [Runs-from-wolves, Through the air with the greatest of ease ]

The Great War

Left the performing troupe, but couldn’t find any work besides prostitution. Learned how to get stuff she wants from men. Learned that America is the place to go where she could gain riches and success on her own terms. [Art of Seduction, I get what I want ]

Madame Two Swords and the Star of India

MTS opens a brothel in San Francisco. She falls in love with one of her customers, Edward Thompson, San Francisco District Attorney. She marries Edward. Eddie convicts a purported cabal of mystics, thought to practice the occult. They curse him and he becomes afflicted with an unknown, incurable disease. MTS must travel to India and steal the Crown Prince’s jewel, whose magical healing properties are her only chance to save Eddie’s life. [Edward Thompson SF DA, Jewel of the East ]

Mr Hu and the Train to Bangkok

Mr Hu is traveling across Asia, tracking down the opium to its source. Meanwhile, MTS narrowly makes her escape from India by boarding the same train Mr Hu is on. Using her wiles and working with Mr Hu’s persuasion techniques, she is able to get a chinese opium network member to reveal information, leading to the location of the secret jungle base in Bangkok. [ On the rails, Silver Swords of Siam ]

Lost on the Shores of the Isle of Unholy Plunder

Shipwrecked on the island, Richard Arcanus and MTS find the remains of an ancient civilization. Exploring the ruins they find magical dinner plates in an ancient dining hall. They eat a fabulous repast from the ever-replenishing plates. After dinner, things are about to get hot and heavy between them, when the ancient guardian triceratops awakens and chases them away. [Secret crush on Richard Arcanus, Them’s good eats ]

Madame Two Swords

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