Mr. Hu

Big Bruiser from Chinatown



Salvation is Mine
Fell on a Blade for You
Trained in the Old Ways
Lead by Example
Nobody Puts Mr. Hu in a Corner
Shadows of the Past
You’re Dogmeat Pal!
Alone in the Dark
Unearthing the Wrath of Karnak

As I remember, Mr. Hu was an awesome melee fighter, probabley had +5 in Weapons…


Fists +5, Weapons +4, Might +4
Endurance +3, Athletics +3, Resolve +3
Intimidation +2, Survival +2, Stealth +2, Contacting +2
Investigation +1, Mysteries +1, Resources +1, Gambling +1, Alertness +1


Martial Arts
Demoralizing Stance
Flying Kick
Breaking Bricks
Anything Goes



Brought to San Francisco by railroad workers after his father was killed in the sierras, became an urchin who fended for himself on the rough and tumble streets of Chinatown. [Streetfighter, leader of the White Duck clan, very close to Lady Smith who saved him from starvation many times ]

The Great War

During WWI, Mr Hu became the Army cook server in France with the First Armored Division. He saved the colonel’s life from a bayonet attack. [Fell on blade for you, trained in the old ways, traditional shaolin kung fu ]

Mr Hu and the Balcutta Incident

Fight breaks out at ship with Tommy Chong’s (Lo Hung’s) gang. With the help of my brother clan, we send them packing! [Lead by example, Nobody puts Mr Hu in a corner ]

Richard Arcanus vs. The Dogs of War

Americans came back to St. Paul as werewolves. Investigation of werewolves due to family being slain, bloody fight dogs put down. [Shadows of the Past, You’re dogmeat pal!]

Madame Two Swords and the Tomb of Karnak

Looking for more alchemical and mystical weaponry to combat werewolves and being directed by Aleister Crowley, the two companions travel to Egypt where they fight mummies and mystics. [Alone in the dark, Unearthing the Wrath of Karnak ]

Mr. Hu

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