Richard Arcanus

"The Great Arcanus" man of mystery, master of magic.


Slight of Hand +5
Deceit +4
Empathy +4
Investigate +3
Contacting +3
Resources +3
Rapport +2
Stealth +2
Gun +2
Leadership +2
Engineering +1
Science +1
Resolve +1
Gambling +1
Academics +1

Bump & Grab
Sucker Punch
Stage Magic
Master of Illusion

Health 5
Composure 6


Flee from the mundane
Great Cognito’s errand boy
Holding down the fort
Loves the ladies
I didn’t do it
It’s all in the plan
See beyond space and time
Saved by a girl
I know what you are planning
Calling in the cavalry

Raised in St. Paul MN. Father was a copy editor, mother was a housewife. Ran away to join the army at 15, not accepted and ended up on the streets of New York. Errand boy for magic shop proprietor.

The Great War
Develops a love of stage magic. Apprenticed to Noxitous the Necromancer, travels the US keeping Noxitous show together despite Gary’s (Noxitous real name is Gary Gardener) drinking and womanizing. Learns how easy it is to sleep with women while most of the rest of the men are abroad in the war.

Richard Arcanus and the Butcher of Bakersfield.
Guest Stars: Arnold Acks “The Butcher of Bakersfield”, Detective Dick Boughman
Women in Bakersfield start getting slain beginning the first night of Noxitous show. Noxitous is a suspect until he too is slain. Then Arcanus is suspected. Through insight and intricate planning Arcanus proves that he is innocent and captures Arnold Acks, the actual murderer.

Guest Starring In House of a Thousand Doors.
Once more women go missing in “The house of a thousand doors” a building beyond space and time whose portals all open to catacombs and vistas that go on to eternity. Investigating Arcanus is lost. Cecily Seville steals star of India and vanishes into the house of a thousand doors. Arcanus is rescued by Madame Two Swords.

Guest Starring in Mr. Hu and the Royal Assassins.
Wilhelm & Cassandra Royal are assassins hired to assassinate the President of the United States. Arcanus uncovers the plot and secretlyh delivers information to Mr. Hu, a man more fit to confront the killers head on.

Richard Arcanus

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